Parents be Warned of Fake Doctor Notes / Templates


School going children are no longer worried of not turning up for classes and with access and knowledge of the internet there are many loop holes of evading punishments from teachers or reasons for not completing assignment.

There are so many times that you will find children at cyber Café playing internet games at a time they are supposed to be in school, so many will point an accusing finger at cyber owners but we should remember that these are business people and the sad thing that your child turns out to be the client.

where to find physician's notes?

where to find physician’s notes?

Children will spend time on the internet only to leave with a doctors note for school downloaded from the internet. The thing is because there are so many templates available for free and all they have to do is print them out and have senior fill them out.

It would be hard to tell whether that child was really sick as a teacher while on the other hand the parent will never have idea of the ongoing trickery and the damage might be too severe by the time you come to realize.

Another option is just to take a leave of absence. Here is an example of one you can use.

I would recommend parents and teachers to communicate as this would help in reforming the kids, we would put the blame on the internet and sincere we cannot control what children do when not allowed it would be could to communicate. If you need a doctors notes templates, go to


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