How to make your Fake Doctor’s Note Believable


If you are planning to get a day’s from your work but you are finding it difficult to get a approval from your employee, you should consider downloading free fake doctor’s note online. This is a note stating that you have to be away from work as a result of illness. The note is called “fake” because it is not written by a doctor and you may not be sick.

Moreover, there are websites where you can actually download the forms or templates that look authentic like those from hospitals and your doctors.

While fake doctor’s notes could be helpful in giving you the much needed excuse from work for a few days, it is also important to note that the note must be believable by your employer. If not, the purpose for using it could be defeated.

So, here are tips that could make your fake doctor’s note believable by your employer or boss

  • Let your family be in the know – If you are to use a fake doctor’s note, you should let your family members, friends, or immediate contacts know of what you are up to. This is important in case your employer may like to confirm if you were truly sick.
  • Use Quality Fake Doctor’s Notes – Your doctor’s note from online should be qualitative enough and look believable like what your real doctor offers. The best of fake doctor’s notes are often ordered and you may want to take advantage of the website which guarantees realistic doctor signature.
  • Come up with believable Sickness – There are sickness that could be excused for a day or two. So, when using a fake doctor’s note, you should come up with medical illness that your employer can believe and on which a doctor can easily assign a note for.

With the above tips you will increase the chance of making your boss believe your fake doctors notes. Moreover, try to give your co-worker the note to submit and act as a sick person when you resume work. With the little tricks you can make your boss or employer believe your note.


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